Welcome to Elaf Group

Elaf Group’s ongoing success derives from our proven ability to understand how the Middle East travel and tourism industry operates, to anticipate future changes and to respond to the dynamic market challenges. Our exclusive portfolio of services comes with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence.

Travel, Tourism and Hotel accommodation is not just about providing basic information, but about matching the best personalized travel services for each client’s needs, at the best possible prices. That’s exactly what Elaf Group is all about.

Here are the advantages of elaf group for your travel needs

We provide specialized services for the Middle East region, focusing on travel, tourism and hotel accommodation

We are one of the leading travel & tourism company in the Saudi market.

We specialize in religious tourism bringing Muslims from all over the world to Makkah and Madinah, the two holy cities in Saudi Arabia.

We offer special travel & accommodation services in Hajj & Umrah

Our services are in accordance with the Shar’iah laws and guidelines

Highly ethical and discreet services, based on the latest operating standards

Our financial strength guarantees cost effective and affordable prices

We offer integrated packages that include hotel accommodation, flights, car rental and inclusive services for Hajj and Umrah

A unique, proven competence to organize religious inbound or outbound tour groups, regardless of the group’s size

Our congestion-free network connectivity enables 24/7 functionality, giving our clients fast and smooth travel planning experience they demand

Superior customer service provided by one of the most experienced and specialized teams in the Saudi Travel market