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9:30am – 4:00pm, Sunday through Thursday The Exchange House is open from 9.30am to 9:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday day. Office Hours 9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday to Thursday (Private Sector) 8.00am to 4.00pm, Sunday through Thursday (Government)


Madinah is considered the largest shopping paradise of Saudi Arabia The city of the Prophet has more to offer then it’s beautiful mosques.

Shopping malls is just one minute away from the Elaf Taibah Hotel with international brands for all categories of shoppers whether it is gold, apparel, accessories, carpets or electrical goods. Area restaurants serve local and international cuisines and are in abundance around the mosque. AlMadinah is also home to the best dates grown in the Kingdom.

If you prefer roaming the streets in search of unique items, you should explore the centre of Madinah. It is full of little shops, markets and boutiques. Especially the area around the Prophet’s Mosque is a great adventure, with its old picturesque streets and alleys. Besides the latest fashion, you can find here the most popular souvenirs from Madinah, like the exotic non-alcoholic perfumes, prayer mats and magnets/pictures of the mosques. Another big part of the city’s attraction is the street vendors. They sell almost everything, affordable and high quality goods for inexpensive prices.


Madinah has an arid climate. Usually, a northwest wind blows in the summer and a southwest wind blows during the winter and spring seasons. The north wind blows at an annual average speed of 4-10 km/hr and is considered a quiet wind

Local Weather (Average Temperature)

Month Average high °C Average Low °C
Jan 23.6 11.6
Feb 26.1 13.3
Mar 30.2 17.4
Apr 33.9 20.8
May 38.9 24.9
Jun 41.7 27.9
Jul 39.3 28.4
Aug 42.2 28.7
Sep 41.0 27.1
oct 36.4 21.9
Nov 29.7 17.2
Dec 25.0 12.9

Maddinah Facts

Population 1,300,000

Language Arabic; English is also widely spoken

Time Zone AST(UTC+3)

Voltage 110 / 220 volts

Mobile Phones Code GSM +966

Area Code

+966 14

More Information

Elaf Jeddah Hotel ( Red Sea Mall) PO Box 52774, Jeddah 21573 KSA

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