About Elaf Hotels Company

About Us

Elaf hotels company
– international standards with Arabian hospitality.

Elaf Hotels Company manages brands and markets hotels.

Elaf hotels management expertise and international standard of services and facilities, together with its unrivalled knowledge of market conditions throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East has made Elaf hotels company the first hotels company to be awarded the ISO 9001 in the Middle East.

Our portfolio has grown from just one hotel in 1994 to eleven hotels in 2010 with the total of 2309 rooms located in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah.

Current hotels:


Hotel Rooms
Elaf Kindah 189 rooms and suites
Elaf Ajyad 354 rooms and suites
Elaf Al Sud 204 rooms and suites
Elaf Al Salam 155 rooms & suites
Elaf Mina 125 rooms & suites
Elaf Bakkah 810 rooms & suites
Elaf Al-Mashaer 285 rooms & suites


Elaf Taiba 237 rooms & suites
Elaf Al-Huda 252 rooms & suites


Elaf Aljawad Alabyad 107 studios & suites
Elaf Jeddah Hotel 170 rooms & suites

Hotels under development:

Hotel City
Galaria Project Jeddah by 2014